Core Funding

Our Core Funding Areas

The Hewitt Foundation aims to support Canadian registered charities and partner with other philanthropic foundations in order to augment the impact in improving the lives of all Canadians through collaboration and innovation.


Mental Illness

1 in 5 Canadians will experience mental illness in our lifetime.  Despite the growing openness to talk about mental illness, prejudice and fear still prevent many from seeking help. 

The Hewitt Foundation aims to support organizations that continue to work with adolescents and adults living with mental illnesses and collaborate with others to innovate and bring about social change and acceptance.


Despite significant improvements to the healthcare system, trauma remains the number one cause of death among Canadians under 44 years of age.

The Hewitt Foundation aims to support centres of excellence to continue to help save lives and send Canadians home healthy.


Diseases, viruses and illnesses are continually evolving and the search for cures, treatments and prevention is never ending.

The Hewitt Foundation aims to support centres of excellence in research with the goal of helping fund expert researchers to find solutions, therapies, medications, and eventually cures and/or vaccines.



Today in Canada, up to 14% of students drop out from high school, and the number reaches almost 50% in low income communities.  This means that close to 300,000 students face barriers including nutrition, financial stability, resources, transportation, language and cultural differences that impede their ability to graduate.

The Hewitt Foundation aims to support schools that offer specialized and innovative programming, provide support and resources to all students, offer scholarships, are inclusive, and encourage all students to graduate.

Colleges & Universities

The greater one’s education, the better the chances of finding work: a bachelor’s diploma and a college(Cegep) certificate are associated with more years of coverage in an employer-sponsored pension plan and fewer layoffs than a high school diploma.  And at an overall level, university graduates earn salaries 60% above their peers without a diploma.

The Hewitt Foundation aims to support universities, college and cegeps that provide resources to all students, offer scholarships, innovate in the ever-changing world, and prepare our future leaders.

Specialized Programs

About 2 in every 5 Canadian adults– 9 million people – can’t read well enough to do everyday things. If we add in the people who are older than 65, that number goes up to 12 million Canadians.  Some people who have low literacy skills come from vulnerable groups, but this problem also affects many people in the general adult population. 

The Hewitt Foundation aims to support organizations that provide and encourage Canadian students of all ages to improve their current level of education and improve their quality of life.


Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous communities are among the most vulnerable groups in Canada.  They represent a group that suffers greatly from mental health disorders, many not yet diagnosed, a high drop out rate for lack of consistent resources and poor living conditions.   

The Hewitt Foundation aims to support Indigenous-led organizations that encourage Indigenous individuals to pursue their education, seek medical and therapeutic assistance, create innovate solutions, with the objective of improving their quality of life.

Fundamental Needs

1 out of 7 Canadians lives below the poverty line, particularly affecting vulnerable groups including people living with disabilities, single parents, racialized communities, etc., resulting in food and housing insecurity, health issues and substance abuse.

The Hewitt Foundation aims to support organizations that provide emergency services, financial aide and educational programs in order to break the cycle of poverty and help Canadians have a better quality of life and prosperity.


There is overwhelming evidence (such as higher global sea levels, increased air and sea surface temperatures, and ocean heat content) that the Earth has warmed during the Industrial Era and that the main cause of this warming is human influence. Canada is no exception and has actually warmed and will continue to warm almost at double the global rate, especially in the North.

The Hewitt Foundation aims to support organizations that help to conserve and preserve our species, both floral and fauna, protect our parks and waters, promote recycling and using reusable energy, and ensure our future generations can enjoy all the wonders that planet Earth has to offer.

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