Frequently Asked Questions

Only Canadian registered charities, as determined by the Income Tax Act of Canada, are eligible for our grants.

Consistent with our community values of reducing paper consumption, applications must be submitted online via our website.  Proposals or documents submitted by mail or email will not be considered.

The decision-making process make take up to 12 months, and no follow-up is necessary.  All online requests are evaluated, and if any additional information is needed, we will contact you.

We accept grant submissions year-round.  To that end, it may take up to 12 months to evaluate your request.

There is no pre-established amount of grants awarded.

Yes, organizations may re-apply, but we recommend waiting until the following fiscal year – please note that our fiscal year is from January 1st to December 31st.  We also encourage organizations to read our Core Funding Areas, as well as exclusions, to better understand the grants that meet our criteria.

Please note that we will need to evaluate the grant awarded before another submission may be accepted.

We do not sponsor any fundraising events.  For the full list of exclusions, we invite you to consult our website: Core Funding – Hewitt Foundation

Our Core Funding Areas are within the areas of:

    • Health: Mental Health, Research and Trauma
    • Education: Colleges and Universities, Schools, Specialized Programs, and Youth 12 – 35
    • Community: Environment, Fundamental Needs, Indigenous Communities, and Veterans

We aim to support organizations that improve the lives of Canadians through collaboration and innovation.  For the full list, please visit our website: Core Funding – Hewitt Foundation

We are a small team, and we receive a large number of requests every year.  As such, we are unable to meet and discuss applications on a regular basis.  Should we require additional information for a more complete file, we will reach out to you for a virtual, telephone or onsite meeting.  We thank you for your understanding.