About Us

The Hewitt Foundation is a private Canadian foundation established in 2017 at the time of the sale of Hewitt Equipment Limited and Atlantic Tractors & Equipment.  Hewitt Equipment was founded in 1952 by the late Robert Hewitt.  Jim Hewitt, and the Hewitt family, had a desire to continue their legacy of giving back to the communities around them.  This led them to establish one of Canada’s largest private charitable foundations.

The Foundation’s focus is on Eastern Canada, the former companies’ area of operations – Québec and the Maritimes – with an objective of supporting those communities which contributed to Hewitt Equipment‘s success for over 65 years.   

The Hewitt Foundation’s purpose is to help bring about meaningful and sustainable social, economic and cultural change by granting, investing and collaborating with other organizations and partners and with the public.

Vision & Mission

Philosophy & Values